Cindy Rold, Esq. focuses on helping others experience more resilience in their lives. Ever the optimistic voice in the room, Cindy’s inspiring support gives everyone she works with the confidence and positivity to overcome the underlying challenges that keep them from moving forward and achieving their full potential. Today, she helps business executives and attorneys recognize, understand and overcome the invisible obstacles that get in their way. By bringing these issues to the forefront, Cindy helps these individuals escape the illusion that things can’t change, and shows them how that with the right perspective, attitude, and strategies, they can create the change they want in their lives.

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Cindy Rold Recently Attended the Women’s Leadership Network Conference, LA

Cindy recently attended Women’s Leadership Network Conference in Los Angeles, California. Since 2010 the County of Los Angeles has hosted the Women's Leadership Conference, developed to inspire leadership in us all. History has taught us [...]

Cindy Rold Selected to Be a Facilitator in Training by Verus Global in Littleton, Colorado

Verus Global has announced that international speaker and executive coach Cindy Rold has been named a Facilitator in Training for the firm.Verus Global equips inspired leaders to activate the human potential in their organizations through [...]